Non-Editable Event Details

These fields are not editable. For change requests to any of these details, please email the Central Bookings Team at or add your change request to the additional notes field at the bottom of this form.

Editable Event Details

The information in this section is editable and will update your event within our system. All changes are reviewed by the Central Bookings Team and where pricing or room availability is affected by your changes the Central Bookings Team will contact you to confirm the changes are accepted. The Additional Notes section can be used for any additional information relation to your event.

Attach Setup Information or other relevant documents

The first section 'Event Setup Information' is where you are able to identify setup information relating to additional equipment, Internet access, catering requirements etc. The 'Event Attachments' sections allows you to upload any relevant documents, pictures etc to the event directly.


This first video will provide information relating to general navgation of the client portal.

Edit Events

This video shows you how you can view your specific events and edit certain fields within that event.

Setup Information

The Setup Information video will show you how to add setup information to your events.

Adding Attachments

This video will show you how to add attachments to your events e.g. Class Lists, Room Layouts etc.

Using Templates

This template video will show you how to create setup templates for use with multiple events that have the same setup requirements.